Publishing agreement

The authors are required to read the Publishing agreement before submission.
Please sign the agreement when submit your paper and send it along with the manuscript.

After careful review of the Agreement and acceptance of its terms and conditions, the party below should execute two (2)
copies, initial each of the pages, and return the document to APJTB

Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Biomedicine

Publishing Agreement

Party  A:   Dr.                         
Party  B:  Asian Pacific Tropical Medicine Press, Hainan Medical University Journal Publisher
Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Biomedicine

Whereas, Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Biomedicine (APJTB) is a full English,open-access journal and online
published by Elsevier Ltd..
The journal has been included by 12 international indexes, including Medline,
PubMed Central, BA, CSA, CA, Scopus, EM, ZR, CABI, Global Health, IC, UPD.
Medline and PMC:

Whereas, Party A has agreed to grant Party B rights to publish his article in accordance with the terms and
conditions of this Agreement;

NOW THEREFORE, it is mutually agreed as follows:

The obligations of Party A:

  1. Obey the rules of Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).
  2. Duplicate submission to other journals is not permitted.
  3. Guarantee the academic quality of the paper, the fluency of the language, the clearness of the
    figures and tables and the correctness of the references.
  4. Scrutinize his paper after receiving the galley proof. Confirm the name(s) of the author(s), the affiliation(s),
    the correctness of content and the consistency of the data in chart with that in content and the validity
    of references.
  5. Reply within 3 days after receiving proofreading notice.
  6. The academic view of the paper does not necessarily represent the view of editorial members.
    The obligations of Party B:
  1. Strictly obey the international editorial requirements for biomedical journal.
  2. Send the paper to 3 to 5 editorial members for review.
  3. The author shall be informed before the publication of the paper.
  4. Send galley proof to the author for proof reading.

AGREED AND ENTERED INTO as of the date written below.

Party A   Party B  
By:   By:

Name:   Name:

Asian Pacific Tropical Medicine Press, Hainan Medical University Journal Publisher     

Title:   Title: Editor-in-chief
Date:   Date: Aug 22, 2013