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Content Volume 3, Number 1, January, 2013 ,P1-84

Original article


Anti-bacterial activity and brine shrimp lethality bioassay of methanolic extracts of fourteen different edible vegetables from Bangladesh

Evaluation of phenolic contents and antioxidant activities of brown seaweeds belonging to
Turbinaria spp. (Phaeophyta, Sargassaceae) collected from Gulf of Mannar

Antioxidant and cytotoxic activity of Acanthus ilicifolius flower

Antioxidant properties and inhibitory effects of Satureja khozestanica essential oil on LDL oxidation induced-CuSO4 in vitro

In vitro antioxidant activities of Solanum surattense leaf extract

Phytochemical screening and free radical scavenging activity of Citrullus colocynthis seeds extracts

Antifungal ellagitannin isolated from Euphorbia antisyphilitica Zucc

Antimicrobial effects of silver zeolite, silver zirconium phosphate silicate and silver zirconium phosphate against oral microorganisms

Effects of Ficus asperifolia on normal rat estrus cyclicity

Green synthesis, antimicrobial and cytotoxic effects of silver nanoparticles using Eucalyptus chapmaniana leaves extract

Preliminary phytochemical, acute oral toxicity and antihepatotoxic study of roots of Paeonia officinalis Linn.

Gas chromatography-mass spectrometry analysis of different organic crude extracts from the local medicinal plant of Thymus vulgaris L

Case report

Evaluation of an anal sac adenocarcinoma tumor in a Spitz dog


Pharmacognosy of Enicostemma littorale: A review

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