Aims & Scope

Content Volume 3, Number 4, April, 2013 ,P253-336


Bioavailability enhancers of herbal origin: An overview  

Basic researches

Experimental evaluation of Candonocypris novaezelandiae (Crustacea: Ostracoda) in the biocontrol of Schistosomiasis mansoni transmission

Antioxidant, antibacterial and cytotoxic effects of the phytochemicals of whole Leucas aspera extract

Antipyretic and anticonvulsant activity of n-hexane fraction of Viola betonicifolia

The identities and anti-herpes simplex virus activity of Clinacanthus nutans and Clinacanthus siamensis

Cytotoxic and antibacterial substances against multi-drug resistant pathogens from marine sponge symbiont: Citrinin, a secondary metabolite of Penicillium sp.

Combinational effects of hexane insoluble fraction of Ficus septica Burm. F. and doxorubicin chemotherapy on T47D breast cancer cells

An abattoir survey of contagious bovine pleuropneumonia lesions in slaughtered cattle in selected districts in Northern Tanzania

Urinary schistosomiasis and malaria associated anemia in Ethiopia

Adult female of Strongyloides stercoralis in respiratory secretions

Letter to Editor

Discovery of Trichuris landak n. sp. by Endang Purwaningsih

Management and Decision-Making

Surveillance of multidrug resistant uropathogenic bacteria in hospitalized patients in Indian

Case Report

A report of left dorsal displacement of the large colon in a tropical horse


Utilization of multiple "omics" studies in microbial pathogeny for microbiology insights

Epidemiology Investigation

Prevalence survey of infection with Treponema pallidum among HIV-positive patients in Tehran

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