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Content Volume 5, Number 10, October, 2015 ,P789-P884

Review on herbal medicine for the treatment of brain ischemia and reperfusion
Original articles
A method for microbial decontamination of Acanthamoeba cultures using the peritoneal cavity of mice
PAIgG and PAIgM levels in secondary dengue virus infections lead to thrombocytopenia in patients from KP, Pakistan
Role of Th9 cells and Th17 cells in the pathogenesis of malignant ascites
Lethal response of the dengue vectors to the plant extracts from family Anacardiaceae
The leaf extract of Mallotus japonicus and its major active constituent, rutin, suppressed on melanin production in murine B16F1 melanoma
Frankincense derived heavy terpene cocktail boosting breast cancer cell (MDA-MB-231) death in vitro
Effects of Matricaria chamomilla extract on motor coordination impairment induced by scopolamine in rats
Efficient solvent extraction of antioxidant-rich extract from a tropical diatom, Chaetoceros calcitrans (Paulsen) Takano 1968
Prognostic value of plasma C-reactive protein in the evaluation of paraquat poisoning patients
Inhibitory effect of Thymus vulgaris extract on memory impairment induced by scopolamine in rat
PPARγ expression by rambutan peel extract in obesity rat model-induced high-calorie diet
Identification of medicinal plants effective in infectious diseases in Urmia, northwest of Iran
Searching for the best agarose candidate from genus Gracilaria, Eucheuma, Gelidium and local brands
Chemical constituents in the essential oil of the endemic plant Cotula cinerea (Del.) from the southwest of Algeria
Ameliorative effect of zinc oxide and silver nanoparticles on antioxidant system in the brain of diabetic rats
Neurological symptoms in psoriasis patients under treatment with infliximab
A comparative UV-HPLC analysis of ten brands of ibuprofen tablets

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