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Content Volume 5, Number 8, August, 2015 ,P589-P672


Essential oils used in aromatherapy: A systemic review

Original articles

Toxicity and sub-lethal effect of endemic plants from family Anacardiaceae on oviposition behavior of Aedes albopictus

Estimation of the novel antipyretic, anti-inflammatory, antinociceptive and antihyperlipidemic effects of silymarin in Albino rats and mice

Two new bioactive salsolanol and biphenylsalsinol from the aerial parts of Salsola villosa Delile. ex Schul. (Chenopodiaceae) growing in Saudi Arabia

Noble strain of Sparassis latifolia produces high content of β-glucan

Anti-inflammatory, anticoagulant and antioxidant effects of aqueous extracts from Moroccan thyme varieties

Anti-diabetic potential of Urena lobata leaf extract through inhibition of dipeptidyl peptidase IV activity

The biomedical significance of the phytochemical, proximate and mineral compositions of the leaf, stem bark and root of Jatropha curcas

Antidiabetic and antidiarrhoeal potentials of ethanolic extracts of aerial parts of Cynodon dactylon Pers.

Prevalence and burden of gastrointestinal helminths in wild and domestic guineafowls (Numida meleagris) in the Southern Province of Zambia

Potential of Hemianax ephippiger (Odonata-Aeshnidae) nymph as predator of Fasciola intermediate host, Lymnaea natalensis

Anti-uropathogenic activity, drug likeness, physicochemical and molecular docking assessment of (E-)-N'- (substituted-benzylidene)-2-(quinolin-8-yloxy) acetohydrazide

Study the effect of kidney stones on serum xanthine oxidase, ecto-5'-nucleotidase activity and E3 SUMO-protein ligase NSE2 (NSMCE2) in Malaysian individuals

Management and decision-making

Decliners of provider-initiated HIV testing and counselling: Characteristics of participants who refused HIV testing in a population survey in Zambia

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