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Content Volume 6, Number 2, February, 2016, P93-P184

Original articles

Inhibitory actions of Pseuderanthemum palatiferum (Nees) Radlk. leaf ethanolic extract and its phytochemicals against carbohydrate-digesting enzymes

In vitro antimicrobial and larvicidal properties of wild Ricinus communis L. in Mauritius

The effects of glycyrrhizic acid and glabridin in the regulation of CXCL5 infl ammation gene on acceleration of wound healing

Neurotropic effects of aspartame, stevia and sucralose on memory retention and on the histology of the hippocampus of the ICR mice ( Mus musculus )

Sulforaphene and sulforaphane in commonly consumed cruciferous plants contributed to antiproliferation in
HCT116 colon cancer cells

Nutritional quality and safety aspects of wild vegetables consume in Bangladesh

Bioprospecting optimal phenology for bioactive molecules in native golden yellow Pleurotus citrinopileatus Singer

Effects of variations in culture media and hormonal treatments upon callus induction potential in endosperm explant of Barringtonia racemosa L.

Evaluation of entomopathogenic Bacillus sphaericus isolated from Lombok beach area against mosquito larvae

Anti-hyperglycemic effects of aqueous Lenzites betulina extracts from the Philippines on the blood glucose levels of the ICR mice ( Mus musculus )

Evaluation of imatinib mesylate (Gleevec) on KAI1/CD82 gene expression in breast cancer MCF-7 cells using
quantitative real-time PCR

Step-by-step external fi xation of unstable pelvis with separate anterior and posterior modules

Inhibitory effect of gold nanoparticles conjugated with interferon gamma and methionine on breast cancer cell line

Letter to the editor

Feasibility of using melatonin as a new treatment agent for Ebola virus infection: A gene ontology study

Management and decision-making

Prevalence of refractive errors among primary school children in a tropical area, Southeastern Iran

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