Aims & Scope

Content Volume 6, Number 3, March, 2016, P185-P278

Floral research

Screening and antibacterial efficacy of selected Indian medicinal plants

Anti-herpes simplex virus activities of monogalactosyl diglyceride and digalactosyl diglyceride from Clinacanthus nutans, a traditional Thai herbal medicine

Analgesic and anti-inflammatory potential of aerial parts of the Daphne mucronata Royle extract in mice: Opioid-independent action

Sub-chronic effects of a Phthirusa pyrifolia aqueous extract on reproductive function and comparative hormone levels in male rats

Antimicrobial effect of Malaysian vegetables against enteric bacteria

Quantitative determination of vitexin in Passiflora foetida Linn. leaves using HPTLC

Comparative repellency effect of three plant extracts on Paederus beetles (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae), the cause of linear dermatitis in Iran

Phytochemistry, anti-asthmatic and antioxidant activities of Anchomanes difformis (Blume) Engl. leaf extract

Anti-lipogenic effect of Senna alata leaf extract in high-fat diet-induced obese mice

Phenolic and flavonoid contents, antioxidant and antimicrobial activities of leaf extracts from ten Algerian Ficus caricaL. varieties

Evaluations of cytotoxicity of Smilax myosotiflora and its effects on sexual hormone levels and testicular histology in male rats

The inhibition of Typhonium flagelliforme Lodd. Blume leaf extract on COX-2 expression of WiDr colon cancer cells

Faunal research

Changes in energetic profile of pregnant ewes in relation with the composition of the fetal fluids

Entomological research

In vitro antihistamine-releasing activity of a peptide derived from wasp venom of Vespa orientalis

Bee pollen extract of Malaysian stingless bee enhances the effect of cisplatin on breast cancer cell lines

Natural antibacterial remedy for respiratory tract infections

Human disease

Cyclical mastalgia: Prevalence and associated determinants in Hamadan City, Iran

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